Easily identify Squarespace block and collection IDs

I love building websites in Squarespace. 

But, with most sites I build, there comes a point where a the Style Editor won't let me tweak a template in just the way I want.

Luckily, Squarespace lets you add your own custom css. This powerful feature gives you the power to adjust just about every element on a website.

For a long time I spent ages looking through source code to identify the 


This extension displays the collection and block IDs on Squarespace pages to use in custom CSS

This extension makes it easy to find the Collection (page) and Block IDs on Squarespace sites, so you don't have to dig through the source code to find them.

Click on the ID overlay buttons to automatically copy the ID to your clipboard.

This is useful when writing custom CSS for specific pages on Squarespace without wanting to code in Developer Mode.

Text. This is some text that I have written. Yep. It’s pretty awesome. 

Now I’m adding some more text to see if this app works well. It seems to. woohoo.


My bro in the snow.

My bro in the snow.


Laura Coutts