Building a nice-looking website isn't enough. To make sure your website performs well I follow a process that starts with getting to know you, your business and your audience, so we can work out what everybody wants (and needs!).



Starting a project without a solid plan is going to take forever and it's going to be painful. I try to avoid that. By listening and asking lots of questions, I work with you to identify your business goals, competition and target market (and their needs). Then I develop a detailed project proposal outlining how to make these goals a reality.


During this stage we create a wireframe of your website. Once you're happy with the layout of various elements, we'll create a website design that will help you meet your business goals and objectives. We then work together to refine this design until you're completely happy with the outcome. 



Now it's time to turn your design into a living, breathing website! Once I've created all of your templates, I'll get to work adding all your content, products and images to each page. Next, any external services you use will be integrated and your social media accounts will be linked to your website. 


At this point, I test your website until we're satisfied that everything works perfectly. Once I'm happy that there are no bugs, your site will be sent live. You'll then receive free training that will equip you with all the skills you need to update and manage your website. After this, your website will be transferred to you.