Just the Drop

Web design + search engine optimisation + custom code


A growth consultancy specialising in building wine, beverage, food and lifestyle businesses.



Just The Drop was formed with the goal of providing the food and wine industry with a dedicated marketing, management consulting, product development and design service.


With a tired and dated website, Just the Drop needed a fresh and bold new website that clearly showcased their services, provided a space to display case studies and helped generate as many leads as possible.



  • Fresh and bold

  • Clearly display service areas

  • Showcase case studies

  • Generate leads

  • Search engine optimised



The client wanted a fresh and bold site that stood out from the moody and traditional looking sites that dominate the wine industry. So, to start the process, we developed a bright colour palette, which was offset with bold lettering and strong imagery to create a unique and memorable website.

Various service areas were clearly signposted, making it easy for users to quickly get an overview of what Just the Drop offered. Testimonials and a dedicated case studies section were added to showcase the client’s expertise - and, to extract every bit of value out of the case studies, we displayed relevant ones on each of the service pages using some clever automated blocks (to keep client maintenance to a minimum).

To encourage leads, each page also contains a clear call-to-action, offering users a free 15-minute consultation. To ensure the website ranked well in relevant searches, the site was carefully optimised for the client’s keywords and the whole site was optimised in-line with SEO best practice.

With lots of colour and custom code (rotating buttons, fancy logo galleries and a clever logo fade on scrolll), this was one of the most fun sites we’ve built to-date!


Website design and development, custom code, search engine optimisation

JTD - Mobile Mockup - 6.png

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