Village Power

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Creating, trading and promoting renewable energy and ideas.



Village Power are a Melbourne-based start-up with the aim of establishing a ‘virtual power plant’ Melbourne’s suburbs. Their ambition is to create a business model that enables any community to create their own village powered by local, renewable energy.


In order to generate funding and generate interest in their venture, Village Power needed a strong brand and a modern website that clearly outlined their model, made it easy for users to get involved and gave them a platform from which to blog.



  • Memorable logo

  • Minimalistic and original website that was easy to update

  • Blogging platform

  • Encourage website users to sign up or get involved



As a first step, Hatch Labs worked together with the Village Power board to develop a logo and brand identity. Over a number of weeks we worked on and refined a simple, unique and memorable logo and brand identity. Photographs were also taken for each of the board members for use on the website.

The website was designed to serve two purposes. The first is to outline the premise of the startup to visitors in as simple a way as possible. The second was to encourage users to get involved in the project. This was achieved by including prominent newsletter sign-up forms across the site (linked to their email marketing platform), a get involved page listing all the ways that the community could get on board and a donate now button.

A powerful blog was set up and each of the directors were provided with a content editor login, allowing them to blog quickly and easily.

Behind the scenes Hatch Labs helped Village Power set up email accounts and an email marketing platform, along with a branded email template to make future email communications as simple as possible. Digital marketing efforts are continuing.


Branding, photography, website design and development, custom code, digital marketing

Laura guided us through the process of developing an amazing brand identity and a website that clearly communicates what Village Power is trying to do and is helping enormously with our marketing efforts. She was patient, organised and the finished product exceeded our expectations.
— Tiffany Crawford, Village Power

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