Yoga with Harp

Branding + Copywriting + photography + Web design


Let harp tones, breath and movement create a state of wellbeing.



Yoga with Harp is a unique business that blends therapeutic harp music with Satyananda yoga. They offer a range of yoga classes as well as therapeutic harp services for critically ill and ageing people.


The owner of Yoga with Harp came to Hatch Labs as a start-up business in need of logo design, photography services and a new website. She wanted a simple logo and a clean, minimalistic website that clearly showcased her businesses offerings.


  • Clean and simple logo
  • Minimalistic website
  • Series of portraits of the owner playing harp
  • Showcase the services the business provides
  • Create an easy-to-use blogging platform


Working to a four-week deadline, Hatch Labs created a unique and memorable logo for the business. The colour orange formed the basis of the colour palette, and was chosen for it's strong historical associations with yoga. 

A series of warm and ethereal photographs of the owner playing harp were taken and used throughout the site, which was built to be as clean and easy-to-navigate as possible. The website clearly showcases the services that the business provides and includes a powerful blogging platform and a contact form.


Photography, copywriting, website design and development, custom code

Laura has a talent of picking up on the essence of her client’s business and translating this into a visual creation. My website has provided me with an outstanding platform to publish my offerings on the internet.
— Barbara Carr, Yoga with Harp

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Laura Coutts