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Empowering mums with the confidence they need to move forward.



Mumability is the private practice of mental health clinician and perinatal counsellor Ginny Hartley. She combines clinical counselling with practical coping strategies to help new mums with in order to help new mums deal the struggles of motherhood.


Having just set up her private practice, Ginny required a customer-facing presence for her new business. This included a business name, logo, web content and a website. It was important to Ginny that the website distinguish itself from the standard blue of many other healthcare providers websites with warm colours that would appeal to women.


  • A catchy business name that fitted her profession
  • Memorable branding that drew inspiration from the mother/child bond
  • A simple, calm, professional website that would appeal to women
  • Development of content that outlined her experience and services
  • An easy to update blog that could be shared on social networks
  • An inbuilt form that captured and stored new patient details


The first stage of the project centered around developing a name and an identity for the new practice. After a long brainstorming session, the name Mumability ('mum' + 'ability') was chosen. A beautiful and simple logo and brand representing a mother and her child was developed and complementary fonts and colours (using the unusual but feminine pairing of red and pink) were chosen.

Search engine optimised content that simply and concisely outlined what the practice offered and Ginny's experience was developed before starting work on the website. A minimalistic design approach was taken on the website, which featured carefully chosen images and beautiful typography using a distinctive pink background and red accents.

The website features a unique slide-out menu, a simple homepage directing users to the key sections of the website, clear signposting of the various services that Ginny offers, a powerful and beautiful blog that is linked to the Mumability Facebook account and a secure form that allows patients to submit their details before their first appointment. Each page of the site works hard to encourage visitors to get in touch with a prominent banner in the footer offering a free consultation. 


Branding and logo design, social media setup, content creation, search engine optimisation, website design and development, custom coding

I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of developing my own web page and didn’t know where to start. Laura was able to turn my ideas into exactly what I wanted to say and produce a highly professional, user-friendly, catchy web site that was able to generate business immediately. Look no further and let Laura steer you from aspirations to a web page you’ll be proud to own and grow business from.
— Ginny Hartley, Mumability

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