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Helping organisations develop effective solutions that create positive change in their people.



Specialising in personal, group and organisational effectiveness, The Effective People Group works with organisations to help them achieve their goals.


The owner of The Effective People Group approached Hatch Labs with a desire to rebuild their website quickly using our Day Hatch: Website-in-a-Day offering.

The old website (built in WordPress) was dated, difficult to navigate and hadn’t been updated for some time. The owner loved the ease of use of the Squarespace platform and requested a fresh, professional website that utilised the existing logo and colours and showcased their services effectively.


  • Quick website development on a budget

  • Professional and striking website to match existing logo

  • Showcase the services the business provides

  • Encourage users to the get in touch

  • Create an easy-to-update website



In the lead-up to the day of the build Hatch Labs worked with the client to help them collate all content and images for the website, as well as develop a vision for the look and feel of the site.

We kicked off the Website-in-a-Day build by creating a strong homepage with a unique brand identity based client’s existing logo. Large areas of black and yellow throughout the site ensured the site would be not only professional, but bold and memorable.

The site layout and navigation structure were kept as simple as possible and a left-hand menu was added to all service pages, ensuring users could navigate their way through the site as quickly as possible. Clear calls to action throughout the site and in the footer all directed users to get in touch.

The build progressed incredibly quickly and we were left with enough time to create a set of branded icons for use on the homepage and the development of code that customised the site further (ticker tape text and additional mobile styling).

The client reviewed the site that evening and, after making a few minor changes, the site was launched the very next day.

Now that’s effective!


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